Rouva Musta

“What on earth, Rouva Musta?”

What to call my company?

One of my core values as a photographer is the ability to proudly uphold the quality and narrative of my photographs. I wanted the name of my company to illustrate things born of me and to represent ideals that feel right. I wanted the name of my company to tell something quintessential of me.
However I didn’t want to “only” be a photographer or a master photographer Tiina Haring. I feel I’m so much more, and my profession so much more complex. I’m not really a traditional studio. I teach and help, plan and advice, yet my company is not a school.

So what would I be?

Madam! That’s who I am. I want to tell stories with my photographs. Illustrate the moments everyday life consists of. Whether you’re big or small, an enterprise or an individual, my images will tell more of you than a thousand stories would. In my business photographs the passion for the work and the product always shines through. But why did Mrs become Black? I’ve worn black since middle school. My best friends gave up the color growing up, but I’ve stuck to the path I chose, though colors have recently started to wander into my wardrobe. The Black play of words gains momentum from lyrics by Juice, where “the Black sun rises”. I still remember that moment 20 years ago, when I realized the variety of meanings those words could have. Black relates to chromatics: dark and its counterpart, light. The core techniques of photography that I bend to my purpose every day for a living.

So was Rouva Musta born.

A company, that is present person to person. A company with an equally colorful life and job description.

Tiina Haring

SAVM, MQEP, 0400 8 45678