An image bank for companies

How do you look?


Are you leaving a unique compelling image to your clients? Do you know who your photos appeal to?
Rouva Musta specializes in building brand image for individuals and companies both. Rouva Musta creates a unique visualization concept, illustrating your values, the people behind them and the stories originated.


The world is of images: our retinas are flooded with a stream of thousands of different images every day. Are you distinct?

Every company is unique and deserves a distinct visual first impression. Rouva Musta has a talent for finding the property that’s exclusively yours. What’s your thing? Rouva Musta helps you stand out from the crowd with your images.

A visual warehouse

Whose photos are you using? Whose story are you telling?

Rouva musta creates a cohesive yet unique image stock for you. The images together form the visual warehouse capable of telling your story, functional in slideshows, in print or in social media.


Hiili & Timantti

The design office Hiili & Timantti does interior and light design in homes, work environments and public spaces.

“We want to be involved in designing spaces, where our expertise lets us find solutions and choices that matter. Every plan starts from the clients needs and is tailored for them. We take care, that the elements included in the space form a balanced whole.” -Hiili & Timantti

Hiili & Timantti mainly needed a new set of personnel photos. In a compact one hour photoshoot we created variations of portraits and some mood pictures as foundations of an image bank. The plan of the visual concept was born in collaboration with the help of a training package. The training included but also learning photography in addition to concept design, enabling the client to produce their own photographic material easily in the future.

I elaborate on the process in my blog.

Paju Consulting

“Paju consulting helps organizations of all sizes willing to evolve bring about change in their business. paju breaks the change down to clear and actionable entities. Our development and project expertise helps in goal-setting, engagement and excecution.” -Paju Consulting
Paju consulting was named after a natural, durable and moldable material.
“Services and actions can be molded and coaxed like willow (fin. paju). Patient and persistent coaxing yields the best results.” -Jenni Rissanen, Paju Consulting

With Antti Laitinen of Grafiant, Jenni Rissanen and Merja Roponen of Paju Consulting, we set out to create a visual brand for this company that wants to look individual and brave. In the blink of an eye, the company has frown from a one-woman enterprise to a team of four experts, and alongside they felt the need for a new look on the website, presentations and social media.

In the collective visual, we wanted to include natural, natural materials, a hint of humor and approachability. The images should embody order, gentle bending or even a swift whip when necessary. The visual concept started to form around soft browns, like the branches of a willow. We ended up choosing knolling as the style, to create empty space for text and a to portray organization.
Paju’s own team took care of the photoshoot organization.

We took the photos over two days. On one day I set up two spots for photos, where I was photographing one while a new composition was created on the other. Like this we could use time extremely efficiently, and in half a day managed to accumulate about two hundred pictures. On the other day we spent a couple hours to photograph the staff and show teamwork, sparring, problem-solving while of course letting their personalities shine.
In the blog you can see how Paju has used the photos in their public relations.



Lignell & Piispanen

Sokos Hotels Puijonsarvi

Hiljainen Mieli / Hanna Kumpulainen